Back in Phnom Penh – Final week

Sorry no pics today. And in the next few days I will be posting some of my photos I have taken over the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, watch my latest youtube videos from this trip.

I left Siem Reap this morning and again, had a case of the stomach bug. What is it with stomach bugs and busses? Anyhow, I personally was fine, but the poor chap who threw up somewhere near the front of the bus was not so lucky. Eventually, the smell lingered its way to the back of the bus and some of the more bold Khmer passangers began to complain by shouting at the driver’s helper to do something.. open a window I guess. You know, you try your best to repeat the mantra, “It’s only a form of strong, French cheese.. It’s only a form of strong, French cheese..” but somehow you can’t fool the ol’ sniffer!

So I have one week left here in Cambodia, and honestly, I have felt a little discouraged because I haven’t been able to find the “story” I was hoping to find during my time here. But I have an entire week to find it. So hope and pray for success will you? I think I need to just keep listening to God and trust Him to lead me to the right peoples and places.

Angkor Wot Sunrise



You could say that things have changed slightly since my last update. When I landed in Mumbai I was refused entry because of something I apparently did during my last visit to India. So they Tom Hanked me and I had to pull a ‘Terminal’ all night. I wish this would have happened at Singapore or Tokyo. At least then I could have had free write. So, I returned to Thailand and planned a trip to Cambodia where I am right now. I took the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Today I went to Angkor Wot at sunrise. A real treat. Tomorrow take a bus to Phnom Penh. This is turning out well. I will have opportunities to serve our friends out here with my photography and I even get to spend some time with my nephew Kyle who has been traveling SE Asia for a few weeks.
This photo was taken at sunrise…. duh!
These are my feet in the floorboard of a taxi during the three hour ride to Siem Reap. I shared the ride with a Norwegian couple.

I turn 45

Our new kitchen after renovation. I did the backsplash, it was my first attempt at tiling.

Today I had a few friends over for an early birthday party. I’ll be 45 years old on Tuesday. I am so thankful for my beautiful wife and my two handsome boys! God has been so good to me. I posted some new videos on YouTube the other day, from our trip in the USA. In case you didn’t know it, you can go to YouTube and watch them. It’s as simple and going to this web address That’s it! And you can also view my latest photos I put on Don’t be shy! Go ahead, click on the link if you have a few minutes. Our videos are generally quite short, and my photos are not bad! IMHO Make sure to click on the “Show info” text n the top right if you want to read a description of the photos.