The Alpha lion and his kingdom

Happy child with harmonica


One evening, I caught a few shots of the boys playing in their room. Lucas was humming away on the harmonica and had this great laughing face which I was lucky enough to capture. It feels as if every time I pick up my camera I learn a new trick, or principle, or technique, or at least a small portion thereof. I think I caught the light just right here. I used a tethered speedlite on manual mode and held it off to the left of Lucas. At least I think that’s what I did. If I didn’t, then I had the flash facing off to the left and used the left wall as a giant light modifier to bounce the light from.

My next adventure in flash photography is to juggle my tethered speedlite with a small softbox I ordered form Amazon attached to the end of it. I tried it tonight but it felt really clumbsy and the box kept falling off or getting in the way of the lite’s distance sensor. Any advice out there? Anybody wanna come and be my assistant?

How to make instant money from unwanted gifts


Veronica was returning one of Lucas’ Christmas presents, something he would not really use much; a box of oversized LEGO’s.

When she got to the store, the woman at the counter said, “It looks like this box has been opened.” And when she opened it, the two of them discovered that someone (not Veronica) had replaced the original LEGO contents with a plastic bag containing a wooden frog puzzle! 

Veronica felt so embarrassed and began to apologize, saying “I promise I wasn’t trying to rip you off!” They both had a good laugh. Veronica’s moral of the story: Never judge a toy box by the picture on the cover.